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Dr. Filip Florin Gheorghe

Filip Florin Gheorghe

Filip Florin Georghe is a PhD in Control Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. In 1991, he was elected to become a member of the Rumanian Academy (AR). He has been a scientific researcher in the R&D National Plan of the Computer Institute of Bucharest (ICI). He is currently a part-time researcher at the National Institute of Economic Research (INCE) of the AR, and is also the Director of the Academy Library. He was elected as Vice-Chairman of the AR in 2000, and was re-elected in 2002 and 2006. His scientific interests include the main large-scale systems, decision support systems, technology management and forecasting.

Juan Antonio Muñoz Codina, Plant Manager of PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN in Vigo

Juan Antonio Muñoz Codina

Juan Antonio Muñoz Codina is an Industrial Engineer (specializing in Industrial Organization) by the University of Vigo. He joined the PSA plant in Vigo in 1986. Since then, he has held various positions of responsibility, ranging from the Methods Area, the Industrial Technical Secretariat or the management of Social and Human Relations.

He was part of the management team closest to the ex-Director of PSA-Vigo, Javier Riera, who proposed him as Head of Social and Human Relations. Before transferring to Portugal, Muñoz Codina was responsible for negotiating the Citroën collective agreement.

But it was to be in Portugal where he has earned his spurs. In March 2008, PSA appointed him as Director of Mangualde, when nobody would give the Portuguese plant a chance. But Juan Antonio Muñoz Codina managed to raise up this plant and take it to the leading positions in the group as far as quality is concerned. With him, new models, investment and employment appeared.

Since November 2011, he is the new Director of PSA-Vigo, the largest plant of the French multinational, where he has developed all his professional career. The appointment of Muñoz Codina as the new Director of PSA-Vigo will, in turn, make it possible to improve the direct relationship between the two plants, since the industrial management of Mangualde continues to be controlled from Vigo.

Lorena Alba Castro, Logistics Manager, Inditex Group

Lorena Alba Castro

Lorena Alba Castro is an Industrial Engineer (specializing in Industrial Organization) by the University of Vigo, and has developed her entire professional career in the Logistics sector.

She began her career collaborating with companies such as Nanos or the Losán Group, and for the last fourteen years, part of the Inditex Group. She is currently General Director of Logistics for the Group, one of the leading fashion distributors in the world, with eight trade formats and over 5,000 sales outlets in 62 countries.

As the person responsible for the Logistics area, she has successfully handled the Group’s distribution capacity to its needs for growth and internationalization. Over the last five years, Inditex has doubled its number of sales outlets and has opened 30 new markets, ensuring that the outlets receive the new items that they have ordered in less than 48 hours. The creation of new distribution centres, such as the European Platform in Zaragoza, and technological development, characterize the Inditex logistics model.




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